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Your Vote, Your Health!

Choosing a candidate is a choice for:

– Your right to the health services you need

– Your ability to access to the health coverage you need

Equal treatment in your health care and in your community

What candidates are on your ballot?

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Census Participation

Have you filled out the census form for your household yet?

Forms are due September 30th!




How do I do this?

In less than 15 minutes, you can fill out the census form here.

Why does this matter?

Information from the last census helped Arizona to decide how much money to allocate to things like: Medicaid, SNAP, the School Lunch Program, health center programs, health insurance for children (S-CHIP), housing vouchers, and much more. By filling out your household’s census before September 30th, you will help to ensure a healthier, safer Arizona!

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AAPIs have almost 5% of the voting voice in Arizona – use yours to shape your state!

Option 1: Vote early from home!

Request a mail-in ballot before October 5th if you are registering anew, or by October 23rd if you are already registered.

You can request a mail-in ballot for only this election as one-time ballot by contacting your county, or you can request to be on the Permanent Early Voting list to automatically receive a mail-in-ballot for all future elections

Option 2: Vote early in person!

Early Voting begins October 7th.


Remember to bring the requested form of ID and to go to your assigned polling place.

Option 3: Vote in person on November 3rd!

Remember to bring the requested form of ID and to go to your assigned polling place or a vote center.

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